Welcome to Peak Gardens Assisted Living

We are passionately committed to making a difference in people’s lives by providing service of the highest quality and value in a supportive environment.

Peak Gardens Assisted Living provides 24-hour, all-inclusive, personalized care for all our residents. Our caregivers are highly trained to provide as much care as needed, all while promoting respect, health, and independence.

We specialize in senior care and are honored to be part of so many people’s “golden years.” We enjoy getting to know our guests, their families, and their friends.

Peak Gardens is truly a senior community like no other.

Peak Gardens Assisted Living specializes in providing all-inclusive assisted living services in a peaceful, home environment. Our upscale, licensed residential assisted living homes in Lakewood and Arvada create an atmosphere that is both familiar and comforting to each of our residents.

This environment also allows for a small staff to resident ratio, which ensures personalized care for each of our guests.

At Peak Gardens, we are a family.

Making the transition from independence to needing assistance can be a sensitive and emotional time for our residents.

We’ve experienced how difficult it can be from a family’s perspective, knowing you may no longer provide the level of care your loved one needs. At Peak Gardens, we make this transition as comfortable as possible for both the resident and their family.

At Peak Gardens, we do everything we can to make our residents and their families truly feel at home.

We encourage you to schedule a tour so you can see what makes Peak Gardens different from other facilities.


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